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музыка R'n'B
Ladies and Gentlemen!

Works and achivements of the famouse singer - LEYLA.

A long history of creative achievements took place in Leyla’s life. Since her 9th birthday she participated in all completions and festivals where she could follow her passion for music. She was very fortunate to make out of her love for music a profession. In the year 1995 she was invited to Israel to take in a nationwide festival. Finally she were among the five best interprets.

1995-2001 Group "Samo Soboi". In 2001 was the group "LEY" born - out of the festival of "Best live project of the year". 2004-2005 the album "NO NAME" in the style of R`n`B was released.

Significant for the project are a unique beauty and courage in the performance! The result is: Professional high quality digital audio recording, modern arrangement and sincere fresh, unconventional and warm vocals. Concerning emotions and feelings, music is entirely subjective. If you hear my music, I am confident, you will feel sincereity of my ideas in it.

The terms of cooperation and agreements have to be made directly with Leyla.



company party - children birthday - anniversary - opening of a shop - festival - wedding

Event organization R'n'B вечеринка

Event organization
Company parties, anniversaries, children parties, weddings – I will be happy to help you We are helping you with every celebration you are planning to make itan unforgettable experience for you and your guests.
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