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... из жизни певицы
10.05.2005 I got in the project "Star Factory" the first place in the nomination R'n'B! CHEERS!
10.12.2005 The site is now launched in the demo mode.
05.12.2005 Uploaded of the demo site to
01.12.2005 We finally decided on the desing parameter
18.11.2005 We tried it with a blue version of the picture - a really good picture - you can see it now on our web page
10.11.2005 A thrid version of the design - sexy. But the second version is still better...
01.11.2005 We came to the conclusion that the first version of 'Blue and black' does not match the style of R'n'B.
26.10.2005 Work on the site has begun ... while it is in the demo mode ...

... I have recorded a new song with the name SIMBIOS ... I think it will be the first song of the second album ...It was very hard to find a replacement for Mr Eugene garilov who has been for a long time living happy in Rindey, USA :))) ... he was the sound producer of the first album ... we are now negotiating with other candidates ... nothing is final yet ... the search will go on ..:))


Finally I finished the work on my new song SIMBIOZ ... I worked together with Peter Piskunov (Radio on seven hills), I am very grateful to him ... it took a single rotation in RADIO NEKST MOSCOW ... I am happy ... I think that the start of the second album is very successfull ... :)))

You can downlaod the track here "SIMBIOZ" R'n'B style.

25.11.06 - GERMANY - City of Nuernberg in Bavaria.

2007 ! A lot has changed ... everything changed very radical ... Those musicians I recorded the first album with left Rostov and went to Moscow to with the stars together ... I am very happy for them ... It seems I simply had not the courage to do it ... Alrgiht, okay ... :))) Right now I am recording the new album and have already completed the first song SIMBIOZIZ ... I made it in Moscow at radio 'Seven hills' ... I am very pleased with this decision ... :))) Now I am looking forward to the arrangements of releasign anew song... I have already looooong waited for this ... I am hoping this will be rela soon and I am already full of joy and emotions to be again in the studio - this is an own world ... it can onyl be compared to the experience of giving birth ot a child ... As for the moment I am working with an event organization ... That is a talented and young program with a micture of R'n'B, Breakdance, Rap, Afro style and DJ and MC + stage with two beautiful dancer. That are three hours of great entertainment for you!!!


01.06.2007 Well ... finally I waited when we wrote a new soundtrack for my song "DEVUSCHKA - VESNA" ... Now I am going to Moscow to record all this ... soon I can pelase you with a fresh song :))))
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