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Event organization: corporate party, wedding and other events in Rostov - on - Don.

Your company is celebrating a corporate holiday or anniversary? You want to host a reception because of special achievements and new business partners? Or do you just want to relax with yourr colleagues? So this is a unique opportunity for you!

We give you the full spectrum of services in the areas of corporate events, parties and presentations. Starting with the planning of your event.

The complete arrangement requires a creative approach, attention to all the unique wishes of the customer as well as flexibility in addressing emerging issues and extensive connectionswithin the show business.

We guarantee perfect execution of conceived ideas and success full execution of the event. We can help you saving time and money. Send a request to :

New Year's event, corporate New Year

The most favorite holiday in Russia - New Year! To make it to an unforgettable celebration with fun and joy for everybody - contact us! We willl conduct the New Year party and its organization itself. Top Live acts, super-DJs, cool musicians and the most beautiful Santa Claus with his Snow Maiden ... Organization of the New Year holidays - one of our favorite destinations.

We know all the details of holiday events! First of all, this is a good mood, the joy of communicating with friends and making new ones, bright impression. Our task - not just to organize the holiday and make it to a unique and memorable event in your life, also to carry it out with excellent taste and on a high-level!

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